Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marathon Running Take Two

Well last year around this same time I decided I wanted to run a marathon. OK, this was decision was not made in a day but it is actually on my life goal list. I have always loved distance running. What other activity can you eat five pounds of spaghetti and not gain a pound from? LOL In high school I was a basketball player and I threw shot put and discus for track and I would always get yelled at because my coaches would tell me that distance running will slow me down and not give me the oomph I needed for those two things. Well I stuck with running, did very well in my other sports, played one year college basketball, and am still in love with running. As much as I love basketball, I dont get to play it as often as I like but always find the time to run. Running is, in my oppinion, one of the best ways to keep in shape and the biggest stress relief! Plus it makes your legs look amazing! ;)

Now back to my marathon story; I sigend up with the Lukemia society through their Team in Training program to run the Cleveland Marathon. If you are a first time runner I would recomend this in a second! I felt that I run everyday for me and that running a marathon is going to partly be for me but I wanted to try to help someone else too. So when running with Team in Training you get to raise money for the Lympnoma and Lukemia society. So I started training and raising money. Training with them is awesom: they give you coaches, mentors and a scheadule to keep. They also set up a yahoo page where you can cominucate with other runners! Well long story short; I hit my mid training point which was running and a 13 mile and started having foot pain. Usually when I am hurting I just run through it but this was not going away. I come to find out I have a minor stress fracture on the top of my foot and would have to rest it for a few months. Resting is not an option for someone who is training for a marathon. But not having a working foot was not an option for someone who walks dogs and works at a movie theater for a living. So I called off my first marathon. Things are meant to be in my world and so I know it was not my year to do it.

So here goes try number two. I am going to sign up with Team in Training again. I have been running again since June and think I can easily be ready for 26.2 miles by May. I believe that blogging about it will give me the extra push I need to keep me motivated and I hope I can help motivate some others. Traning starts mid November so for now the posts will be weekly or so. But after that I will keep you updated on my daily runs and my progress of raising money.