Monday, January 26, 2009

The best 6 Miler!

So I avoided my 6 mile run yesterday by going to Melt for dinner with my friend instead. My first time eating at Melt and I was impressed! If you like grilled cheese, you must make your way there. I had a sandwich with a pirogi, kraut and cheddar (which I am paying for with this migraine today) that was to die for. If you live in Cleveland and haven't been. yet, I say high tail it over there! Don't be turned off by the long wait it is usually quicker then the avg 40 min they say. If you do not live in Cleveland I insist on you coming to visit and we will go! :)

So now onto my best 6 mile ever! I decided to get my long run in this morning at the gym. Got there a little later then usual but there were still tons of people. I got the very last treadmill open (but that is Monday for you) and hopped on hoping to get at least 5 mile in with the time I had. This was my first test run with the new shoes and with my new ipod that I just bought yesterday. I would just like to say I love them both very very much My new shoes are great. What was I thinking training for a marathon last year and not investing in a good pair of shoes? I had no pain anywhere on me while running. I thought the pain was just normal but it really was the crappy shoes I had. I am a little sore now but it is all good because I felt great after the run. I was having a rough morning so that could of motivated me running a little too fast. A 52 min 6 mile is quick for my long run of the week. But like I said it felt good.

Now I am downloading a little more music to the pod and heading to bed because I have this terrible headache.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I am trying to make my page look pretty, whatever that means. LOL It was kind of boring just as it was so I am changing it around a little and adding more eventually. For now I am really tired but felt I haven't blogged in a long time and I needed to get a quick one in. I thought I have been lazy because I have not gotten many runs in the last two weeks but then I looked at my work schedule and realized why I have been soooo tired. I walk dogs during the day. My work load has been almost doubled because we lost a walker at the the beginning of the year. On average I have been going on 12 walks a day. Even though I know the running has been slim I do get my legs moving a lot and get a few miles of walking in a day. New walker hired so I should be getting some good posts starting Sunday after my six mile run. That is all I can hammer out for right now. I am super tired and have work at 7am. But check out my official maraton training shoes:

I am super excited! I have never really had a good running shoe. I love how light these are and the color is perfect for me too! Hopefully they treat my feet well; no stress fractures and less blisters is the main goal!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lazieness? or Bad Weather?

I finally went for a run tonight. After not doing anything for the last 4 days. Then this morning I was going to wake up and run outside and I did wake up. I move my car for my mom and took the dog out. I came back in and curled back up in bed for what was going to be just a few minutes and it turned into a couple hours. By this time I had to get ready for work so I backed a bag to go to the gym on the way home. I went to the a gym I usually don't go to around 730 and did not have a great experience. The person at the front desk was not very happy (maybe she was getting off). Walking into the locker room smelled worse then my high school locker room and there was balls of hair in place it shouldn't have been(it was toward the end of the night, maybe they hadn't cleaned yet). Then I go upstairs to run and it is like 1200 degrees! I was warming up and it was so hot that I started sweating before even breaking 3MPH and I was having trouble breathing! It was that hot! I get about 30 min into my run and I start to get a tingling in my right knee. Weird feeling that I do not think I have had before. I run the rest of my run with the tingle and finally get to leave the nasty gym. My knee feel fine now and it did almost immediately after I left the gym. I am going to blame it on the gym and the heat. I got a 60 min run in that includes a 5 min warm up and cool down. It was about 5 mile (4.98 if we are being technical) and 800 calories (good thing I waited to eat dinner). My rib hurt only when I was running slower. I think this had something to do with my posture. The bruise and weird purple line our completely gone but still pain when I lie on my back or when I sneeze. It has only been two weeks since I fell so hopefully another week will heal it up. That is all for today. I will stop annoying you with my parenthesis filled entry.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still a little sore

I am still hurting! I Googled bruised ribs and got all hypochondriacish (yes I made this word up). There was a part that described if your rib was fractures you can puncture a lung or get pneumonia. I freaked out a little because I am still in pain but calmed down after thinking about how I chipped/bruised my rib last time and it just took a long time to heal. In all reality it feels like a sore/pulled muscle which is how they describe syptoms of a bruised rib.

So on an other note, weather has been beyond sucky here! I really do not like snow anymore! So long run has not happened and I really wanted to get it outside this weekend but with the weather I do not want to run outside or drive to the gym. So I may do my long run on Monday which seems weird to me but why should it? I think I have this idea that my long run has to be on the weekend because that is the way everyone else does it. And in normal circumstances I will probably stick to weekend long runs. In this case I do not have time til Monday and I do not start work til 11 everyday so I can run in the am. I work 8-5 on Saturdays and 9-3 on Sundays so until it is light out again after 4 I may have to settle for long runs on Monday. We will see how it works out.

For now I am getting some sleep because tomorrow is Rent with my bestest (yes another word I made up get used to it)! I want to leave everyone with my web site where you can donate to LLS for my Cleveland Marathon with TNT!
If you can help that would be awesome. I figure I only have to get 160 people to donate 10 dollars to reach my goal! Not to hard right? LOL

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maybe too much today!

I think I may have over done it today! Workout, run and volleyball. My rib is very very sore! Ouch! I wish I new what was actually wrong with it but seeing as how I dont have insurance to go to the docs I have to suck it up. But I am definitely the type of person who has to do someting active everyday or I will go crazy!! So today I worked out with the trainer which was a great workout. Still can't do anything that I have to lie on my back for and most chest and oblique execises kill me but we got a good one in anways. Afterwards I did a 30 min run with 5 min cool down. Got in 3.07 miles and burned 500 cals. I felt good enough to go play some volleyball tonight but I think I took a couple bad twists and turns that made me sore! To top it all off I have sneezed 3 times today and this is the most painful experience while having a bruised rib! It litterally feels like my whole left side of my body explodes! OUCH!!

So goal for tomorrow is to get these letters done for TNT but it may take til Saturday cause I work til 10pm tomorrow. If i haven't already said I am raising money for the Lukemia society while training for my first marathon. I figured I run for myslef all the time and it would be nice to help someone(s) else while doing it! Will post website very very soon for everyone to help out too! :) for now I am getting sleepy! Night all

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new Year, A new Start

So I started this blog awhile ago and last reported that my dad was sick and that is why I wasn't keeping up with posts. Well the Greatest man to ever grace this Earth died on November 19th. Hew would of been 65 on Jan 1. My marathon like the entire year 2009 will be dedicated to him!

I ran my first long run of 2009 and my first run for about a week today! I bruised my rib pretty bad on New Years eve but managed to get through a 60 min run with 10 min of warm up/cool down. I ran 4.38 miles and burned 720 calories. I ran on the treadmill at the gym because it was raining pretty bad. This of course brought bad fate on me because I got pulled over on the way to the gym! Ran a red light which I hope doesn't cost too much because I am broke!

As a part of the new year I am cutting back on alcohol. Since my dad's death I have been out every single weekend and it hasn't been just a couple drinks. Binge drinking sometimes twice in one weekend. I am going to not drink for the month leading up to my bday, Feb 8th. It is very fun to go out and get crazy but it is also very destructive both physically and mentally!

So here is to a new year! Hopefully it will start to get better!!