Friday, January 23, 2009


I am trying to make my page look pretty, whatever that means. LOL It was kind of boring just as it was so I am changing it around a little and adding more eventually. For now I am really tired but felt I haven't blogged in a long time and I needed to get a quick one in. I thought I have been lazy because I have not gotten many runs in the last two weeks but then I looked at my work schedule and realized why I have been soooo tired. I walk dogs during the day. My work load has been almost doubled because we lost a walker at the the beginning of the year. On average I have been going on 12 walks a day. Even though I know the running has been slim I do get my legs moving a lot and get a few miles of walking in a day. New walker hired so I should be getting some good posts starting Sunday after my six mile run. That is all I can hammer out for right now. I am super tired and have work at 7am. But check out my official maraton training shoes:

I am super excited! I have never really had a good running shoe. I love how light these are and the color is perfect for me too! Hopefully they treat my feet well; no stress fractures and less blisters is the main goal!

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