Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new Year, A new Start

So I started this blog awhile ago and last reported that my dad was sick and that is why I wasn't keeping up with posts. Well the Greatest man to ever grace this Earth died on November 19th. Hew would of been 65 on Jan 1. My marathon like the entire year 2009 will be dedicated to him!

I ran my first long run of 2009 and my first run for about a week today! I bruised my rib pretty bad on New Years eve but managed to get through a 60 min run with 10 min of warm up/cool down. I ran 4.38 miles and burned 720 calories. I ran on the treadmill at the gym because it was raining pretty bad. This of course brought bad fate on me because I got pulled over on the way to the gym! Ran a red light which I hope doesn't cost too much because I am broke!

As a part of the new year I am cutting back on alcohol. Since my dad's death I have been out every single weekend and it hasn't been just a couple drinks. Binge drinking sometimes twice in one weekend. I am going to not drink for the month leading up to my bday, Feb 8th. It is very fun to go out and get crazy but it is also very destructive both physically and mentally!

So here is to a new year! Hopefully it will start to get better!!

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