Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maybe too much today!

I think I may have over done it today! Workout, run and volleyball. My rib is very very sore! Ouch! I wish I new what was actually wrong with it but seeing as how I dont have insurance to go to the docs I have to suck it up. But I am definitely the type of person who has to do someting active everyday or I will go crazy!! So today I worked out with the trainer which was a great workout. Still can't do anything that I have to lie on my back for and most chest and oblique execises kill me but we got a good one in anways. Afterwards I did a 30 min run with 5 min cool down. Got in 3.07 miles and burned 500 cals. I felt good enough to go play some volleyball tonight but I think I took a couple bad twists and turns that made me sore! To top it all off I have sneezed 3 times today and this is the most painful experience while having a bruised rib! It litterally feels like my whole left side of my body explodes! OUCH!!

So goal for tomorrow is to get these letters done for TNT but it may take til Saturday cause I work til 10pm tomorrow. If i haven't already said I am raising money for the Lukemia society while training for my first marathon. I figured I run for myslef all the time and it would be nice to help someone(s) else while doing it! Will post website very very soon for everyone to help out too! :) for now I am getting sleepy! Night all

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