Sunday, December 16, 2012

Falling on my face... Literally

So Thursday came along and I was having a good week, already 6 miles under my belt, did all of my planned p90x workouts and was feeling awesome with the great weather we were having.  So I set out to walk to the post office to mail my nephews their xmas gifts to North Carolina and then take a run which would of been followed by yoga.  I say would of if about a half mile into my run I decided to get in a fight with the sidewalk and the sidewalk won!! 

Bruised Knee

Banged up nose
  My hip and rib on opposite sides of my body also have bruises.  All I know is one minute I was running at a comfortable 9 min mile pace or so and the next I was laid out on the ground.  I nice man stopped who had seen me fall and asked if I was okay and at that point I wasn't sure if I was. No blood but lots of pain I told him I was only a quarter mile from home and would turn around and head there and thanked him for stopping.

Been in a little pain for the last few days which kept me from doing any running or P90x.  I am going to give it an attempt tomorrow.  I do not think anything is seriously hurt but if the pain in my rib and nose don't go away in a week I will go get it check out.  For now I am going to do some reading because I don't have an early bedtime tonight!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Working and working out!!

Work is long and stressful right now.  Working 60-70 hours a week and dealing with people who are not in as much as a holiday spirit as I am!  That is right I am in the holiday mood; I want to buy presents, I want to decorate and I want to sing lots of Christmas carol, all while being in a great jolly mood.  But it seems like not all my customers are that way.  Hopefully I can rub off on them because I haven't been this way for a long time.  Go Holidays!!!  Now where is our first snow?!

As for working out, yesterday I did a 3 mile run(before it got cold) followed by P90X Plyo and today was some P90X shoulders and arms.  I received my month supply of Shakeology today which is great for late night dinners.  My goal is to be down 5 lbs by the new year which should be simple.

For now it is bed time because I have to be up for Target in less then 6 hours.  Night.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Quick cause I am spent!

Just a quick one cause I am beyond tired.  Work is exhausting this time of year!  We are forever busy which isn't a bad thing for a commissioned based sales person!! This morning I  got a good 3 mile run in followed by some p 90x Chest and back.  I wish the weather can stay like this all winter  but I know eventually I will have to wear winter gear.  For now I am off to bed so I can get another run in the morning while it is still 50 something!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

ReStarting p90x

I will be restarting P 90x in the morning along with starting marathon  training.  Time to get on track.  Expect to hear alot from me.  I need to stop wasting time and getting things done, like life!!  LOL I will be starting this book list 20 something reads with a couple book of my own added (picking some up from library in morn).  Got a run in yesterday 4 miles.  It has been pretty nice weather wise for November   Today I was lazy and watched a few movies (Brother and Magic Mike) and sat around all day.  For now bed and waking up early to get some cleaning done and my run in when the sun comes up.