Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Working and working out!!

Work is long and stressful right now.  Working 60-70 hours a week and dealing with people who are not in as much as a holiday spirit as I am!  That is right I am in the holiday mood; I want to buy presents, I want to decorate and I want to sing lots of Christmas carol, all while being in a great jolly mood.  But it seems like not all my customers are that way.  Hopefully I can rub off on them because I haven't been this way for a long time.  Go Holidays!!!  Now where is our first snow?!

As for working out, yesterday I did a 3 mile run(before it got cold) followed by P90X Plyo and today was some P90X shoulders and arms.  I received my month supply of Shakeology today which is great for late night dinners.  My goal is to be down 5 lbs by the new year which should be simple.

For now it is bed time because I have to be up for Target in less then 6 hours.  Night.

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