Friday, October 7, 2011

Coming back!!

I am coming back to blogging! Something that helps organize my life and keep me sain. I will be back to regular blogging from now I on! Hope there is still people out there reading. If not will find new ones. Will update you with what has been going on with me soon but for now bed time!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

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"More Than Useless"

I feel like, I would like
To be somewhere else doing something that matters
And I'll admit here, while I sit here
My mind wastes away and my doubts start to gather

Whats the purpose? It feels worthless
So unwanted like I've lost all my value
I can't find it, not in the least bit
and I'm just scared, so scared that I'll fail you
So I say if I can't, do something significant
I'll opt to leave most opportunities wasted
And nothing trivial, that life could give me will
Measure up to what might have replaced it

Too late look, my date book
Is packed full of days that were empty and now gone
And I bet, that regret
Will prove to get me to improve in the long run

And sometimes I think that I'm not any good at all
And sometimes I wonder why, why I'm even here at all
But then you assure me

I'm a little more than useless
And I never knew I knew this
Was gonna the day, gonna be the day
That I would do something right
Do something right for once

I notice, I know this
Week is a symbol of how I use my time
Resent it, I spent it
Convincing myself the world's doing just fine
Without me
Doing anything of any consequence
Without me
Showing any sign of ever making sense
Of my time , it's my life
And my right, to use it like I should
Like he would, for the good
Of everything that I would ever know

Monday, February 14, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Job Interview

So I have been waiting on a call from Verizon to get a face to face interview and today it came. It is lined up for Wednesday at 10am. This job will double the average pay I get right now and help take a load of stress off my shoulders! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Today was a long day. Got a run in this am (making everyday count). It was a little colder then I though out. The wind was the bad part. I was getting some crazy wind burn on my not covered face. So I only lasted about 2 + miles or so which took me almost a half hour. Stretched and got warm inside while doing some ab work.

Now waiting on the BF to get home so we can do our push up challenge together.

Keep smiling! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Serious Sunday: Time To Grow Up

So I am officially 26 years old as of last Tuesday and it is time to be more adult like. I need to get myself together and grow up a little. Mostly this means as of right now I would not be able to support myself. My boyfriend keeps me afloat as much as he can but it is time to be that independent woman I know I am. I will slowly be telling you about what I have been up to and what I plan on being up to. I am going to have a theme for every day of my blogs. I think it will keep my motivated to write which is something I definitely want to do more. So here is my Serious Sunday! And the rest of the week is previewed as follows:

Marvelous Monday: Take advantage of every day and here I will share how I do that.

Tickle me Tuesday: Laughter is the best medicine and I will prove it on Tuesdays!

Words Wednesday: I will be sharing quotes, song lyrics, bible verse, articles ect that inspire me, make me think, that I have or want to learn from.

Triathlon Thursdays: I will talk about my training a lot in my blog but this day will be strictly focus on my Tri Training. This is one of my biggest goals for the year and I am already letting it slop by not being on top of my fund raising (more on this thursday)!

Food Friday: This will include my journey of wanting to be vegan and being vegetarian. I will share recipes and talk about my food struggles and triumphs.

Second look Saturday: This will be a recap day of my week and my blogs and comments from all of you.

Thank you all for support you have given. I am back to take charge of my life. I hope you all enjoy the journey with me!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am baaack!!!

Long time no see everyone! I am officially back in action. This will now be the blog where I right about being the athlete I have always wanted to be. Just done, losing 30lbs in the last year. Next up, losing 25 more and training for St. Anthony's Triathlon. The Tri is in may and I am again training with TNT. Look to the right and donate if you can. I am excited to start blogging more and more everyday. I would love any feedback I can get. This is a fun new journey I will be on and I really feel like I have changed a lot since my marathon in '09! On deck for today is going to the TNT alumni event. Then bike ride on the trainers in my friends with my boyfriend. I promise you will see a lot more words on this site and a new design coming soon!