Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am baaack!!!

Long time no see everyone! I am officially back in action. This will now be the blog where I right about being the athlete I have always wanted to be. Just done, losing 30lbs in the last year. Next up, losing 25 more and training for St. Anthony's Triathlon. The Tri is in may and I am again training with TNT. Look to the right and donate if you can. I am excited to start blogging more and more everyday. I would love any feedback I can get. This is a fun new journey I will be on and I really feel like I have changed a lot since my marathon in '09! On deck for today is going to the TNT alumni event. Then bike ride on the trainers in my friends with my boyfriend. I promise you will see a lot more words on this site and a new design coming soon!

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