Monday, January 26, 2009

The best 6 Miler!

So I avoided my 6 mile run yesterday by going to Melt for dinner with my friend instead. My first time eating at Melt and I was impressed! If you like grilled cheese, you must make your way there. I had a sandwich with a pirogi, kraut and cheddar (which I am paying for with this migraine today) that was to die for. If you live in Cleveland and haven't been. yet, I say high tail it over there! Don't be turned off by the long wait it is usually quicker then the avg 40 min they say. If you do not live in Cleveland I insist on you coming to visit and we will go! :)

So now onto my best 6 mile ever! I decided to get my long run in this morning at the gym. Got there a little later then usual but there were still tons of people. I got the very last treadmill open (but that is Monday for you) and hopped on hoping to get at least 5 mile in with the time I had. This was my first test run with the new shoes and with my new ipod that I just bought yesterday. I would just like to say I love them both very very much My new shoes are great. What was I thinking training for a marathon last year and not investing in a good pair of shoes? I had no pain anywhere on me while running. I thought the pain was just normal but it really was the crappy shoes I had. I am a little sore now but it is all good because I felt great after the run. I was having a rough morning so that could of motivated me running a little too fast. A 52 min 6 mile is quick for my long run of the week. But like I said it felt good.

Now I am downloading a little more music to the pod and heading to bed because I have this terrible headache.

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