Friday, February 13, 2009

Terrible Blogger

Okay I am officially a terrible blogger. I am going to get back to it though. Running has been awesome. I fall more and more in love with doing it every time I get out there. My training runs have consisted of mostly 3-4 30-40 min runs and 1 long run which on Sunday is supposed to be 10 miles that may be shortened to 7 with a big hill. I promise more updates. I have been busy with just reorganizing life. I quit my weekend job so I will now be able to run with the TNT group for my long runs. I also had a birthday; my 24th. Now just resettling into semi normality because things are still kinda weird at home and I know that is not going to change for awhile. I have been reading a lot about runners and sometimes that can get a newbie down because it is daunting to see how much one person has done. But I have to remember I just started and can get there one day! Tomorrow mom and I are going gambling. Wish me luck! 10 (or 7 mile) report to come on Sunday.



Good luck. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

pengo said...

Can I make a suggestion? When I started my running blog I was stymied by the idea of "having something to say" every time I went for a run. Something important! Something worth reading!

Think instead of your blog as a record of each time you run. Choose some stats, they don't even need to be relevant - temperature or weather conditions, distance, anything. Log that, and nothing else if you don't feel you have anything to say.

In that way, your runs will quantified, you get to share how often you are running, you get to be proud of each time you get out. And it has nothing to do with "blogging."

You can add observations when you choose to, but your blog becomes a tool for you to keep track of your progress, and not some kind of "online journal" you have to fret about.

Anonymous said...


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