Monday, February 16, 2009

10 Miler or a 7 miler with a HILL?

So I ran my first ten miler of the training season yesterday morning. I met up with other TNT teammates at Chagrin Reservation. There was only about 8 of us for a not so bad morning. It was about 24 degrees but really sunny which always makes it seem warmer. One of our coaches described a 7 mile loop with a large hill for us and told us not to worry about the mileage cause we are still early in our training. So I set out to run a little harder since it was going to be shorter. the paths were pretty clear other then a few icy patches. I ran about a quarter mile behind and in front of people for about the first 4 miles. Then caught up to a girl named Jackie when we both didn't know which way to turn. She has a similar stride as me because she was also tall but was a wee bit faster and after getting directed got ahead of me again. At the beginning there was mile markers but then we ran some on the street and I wasn't sure how far we had run. So I decided it was a good time to try some powerbar gel, strawberry flavored. I liked it but I am still leaning more toward the GU because I like the texture better and I love the chocolate flavored one. So it probably took me about 10 min to get the Gel down. I finished the last of it just as we approached the HILL the coach spoke of. Now mind you the whole trail was a little more hilly then we are used to. Us Cleveland Marathoners do not have to do too much hill work because the corse is mostly flat. So I wasnt expecting there was still a large hill after we hit a bunch of small ones throughout. This HILL was not a hill it was THE HILL of all hills. I did not know we had mountains in northeast Ohio but this was like climing up the side of one. I ran to what I thought was half way up and my legs were screaming. I walked the rest of the way up and knew my legs were going to love it eventually but they were not telling me that at the time. There was probably about another mile til our loop ended where we parked and I ran into the lot and went to my car to get some more water and start stretching. The girl who was running behind me came in and mentioned something about the crazy hill and then said how dissapointed she was that we didn't run 10 miles. She looked to me and asked if I wanted to go the three more. At this point the Power gel was kicking in and I said yea! In all reality I too was dissapointed that we didn't do ten. I was siked because 10 miles is a big deal to the non runners out there. So we got another three in and I still felt ok to go more afterwards. Other then the little bit of pain I have in the pad of my right foot, which I believe came from wearing a not so comfortable pair of heals, I felt good today too! We are almost to the half point in training and there is less then 90 days til the Cleveland Marathon! I am very excited. More entries more often is my goal for the rest of the month and training for that matter.

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maria k said...

hey! i'm glad i found your blog, i'm training for cleveland as my first marathon too! good luck, keep the blogosphere posted on how it goes.