Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have lost my "Muchness"

"I used to be much more . . . muchier! I have lost my muchness!" And need badly to get it back. The quote is paraphrased from the new version of Alice in Wonderland and ever since I saw it a couple months ago it has resonated in my head. In high school I had a totally different outlook. I was always happy and was nick named things like "Smiles a lot" and the "Smiling Miler" I would take thing like running a two miler as a 6'0 tall 225 pond basketball player with a smile on always. Even when being lapped twice at district track meet I would still walk away with a positive attitude. I got to run 2 miles that day while others looked on. I realized in college that I couldnt be happy all the time (it takes a lot of energy). But this realization came hard with bouts of depression and sickness that would do nothing to help me get everything I needed from my college experience.

Last year I trained with Team in Training to run the full Cleveland marathon. I started to get some of that happy attitude back. I would remind everyone at our long runs that we got to get out there and run 12, 15, 18 20 mile while others may not even be able to dream it or physically do it. I want to have this attitude fully with life. Get up every morning and remind myself that I get to live this day and that it would be foolish not to live it to the fullest.

Since I last blogged, I have lost 12 pounds and set a goal of losing 45 more. I have decided I want to be the athlete I have always been able to be. This in turn will help me become the person I know I should be. I promise you will be hearing alot more from me on this blog.
I have recently started training for a Triathlon and have some races and events I hope to knock out this summer. If you can help at all with my journey please do. If you know of anyone that wants to train a beginer Triathlete please let me know.
For now here are a couple of the events I would like to do this summer:
Tow Path Ten-Ten: 6-20-10
Fairport Harbor Triathlon: 7-25-10
Cleveland Triathlon: 8-8-10
Akron Half Marathon: 9-25-10
Columbus Full Marathon: 10-17-10

And other 5k races and such that I can find in the the summer. Please let me know what you may be doing this summer.

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