Sunday, January 8, 2012

Serious Sunday

So after a hard to hear conversation with my boyfriend (we have alot of there)  over dinner last night, I have decided that I do not try.  Essentially we were talking about the choices we make in life and how he got to where he is compared to where I am in life.  Mind you I am a little younger but I am 50 thousand dollars plus in debt and only the choices I made in life have lead me to there.  Now that is all past I can not really dwell on what I have done when I need to fix what I can keep doing.

  So I have come to the conclusion that I do not try.  Others may think differently they see how successful I am at things and no doubt I have done good with my life.  But is it the best?  No way!   I give medium effort to get by not being at the bottom of the totem pole.   I am very proud of everything I have accomplished (ie college running a marathon, raising money for charity) but in my mind I could of been my best at it.   I could have trained harder, I could of played better and I could of studied (period).  I know I can not be perfect.

For once I have new year resolution that is worth something.  I am going to TRY!!!  Instead of sitting back and waiting for thing to fall into the right place I am going to put all my effort into things and see what the outcome.  I am pretty positive that it will be a great one.  So here is to 2012!  I promise you will be reading more from me  because I will be trying more at everything including this blog!

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