Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My View on Politics

Do not expect anything philosophical here.  That thing is I do not actually have any views on politics.  Sure I have opinions and thoughts.  These thing may line up with one side of the fence more then an other but when it comes down to it I do not identify myself with any side.  I an not an openly opinionated person unless provoked to be so.  In reality the whole election thing scares me .  Every four years we the candidates start campaigning and we all complain about the commercials and the billboards and the hoopla, yet we are all entwined in it no matter how political we are.  People fight and friends do not get along because there realize that the person they have known may have a different opinion then them.  Then election come and we have a new president and we argue for a few more days or weeks.  Then we are all back to normal again. We do not fight about politics daily and we are still friends with the people we despised during the months leading up to the elections.  For me I wake up every morning and pray.  I pray for my family.  I pray for my friends,  I pray for my coworkers.  I pray for the leadership of our country (no matter who that may be).  It scares me how intense people are during this time but not always.  If everyone had that much passion throughout all four year then the world would be a better place.  I am not just calling out all the crazy political people we all have somewhere or something we can show that much passion about.  I hope to do it in all aspects of my life and would challenge you to do the same.  Okay maybe I go a little philosophical there.  Off to make some dinner and watch Fame.

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