Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long awaited post!

So I have been a terrible blogger during this whole training period. Mainly like I stated last post is my internet was down for about a month. But now I have figured out how to post from my phone through email and text messages, I have no excuse to not post all the time. I am on my phone 40 percent of my day. LOL why not add a little more time!?
I got my bib number (2084) in my email today so that is probably what prompted this post. I am so excited and scared at the same time! 26.2 miles still seems crazy to me even though I have run 20 and trained for the last 4 months. We had our last group run on Saturday and I told the fellow runner that I was not trying to hurry those 6 miles because it was our last as the Cleveland Marathon 2009 TNT training group. But the run seem to go by in minutes and six miles felt more like 500 feet.
I can not believe in 5 day I will be a marathon runner. Today I got a bunch of emails telling their stories of why they are training with TNT; stories of sons,fathers and self having cancer and battling it out. That is why when I face the marathon (like I did all long runs) on Sunday I will go into with the "I get to run 26 miles today." So many people do not get the opportunity to do something as rewarding as many of us will on Sunday. Not only do I get to run it but I get to run it knowing I helped people like the stories I read today. Those who battle cancer are the true champions and deserve rewards much bigger then what we will receive on Marathon Sunday.
I will post a few more time before sunday but wanted to get that much out today. I will leave you with a picture of what I did to my race shirt: I love you and miss you dad
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maria k said...

you are right - you are trained and ready to go. good luck on sunday! keep an eye open for me, im bib 389!