Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fear of Failure

So one of the things I have learned over the past year is that I have a fear of failure!  I read about it a lot on blogs so I know I am not alone.  But that is the thing we all think we are alone, trying so hard not to fail one another and ourselves.  There are days when I put on the face of the woman who is going to conquer the world!  My daddy always told me I could if I want to. That is the thing you have to want to.  Maybe it is not just a "face" and maybe those are the days I want to.  The other days are lost within all the fight of wanting to.

I had a customer that I sold some things to get me excited about conquering the world again.  He was a father like figure (probably around the same age mine would of been)  and he smiled the whole time he worked with me.  I felt open to tell him about my dreams and make the truthful statement that I believe I will make a difference in this world one day.  He told me of an idea he had and that I would be the perfect person to help with it.  He didn't get in to much detail about the idea but made it sound like something that he had been working on for a long time and hadn't told many people about.  We exchanged contacts and said we would makes plans someday down the line. This was a few months ago and I have see the customer a few times since and he always gives me that same smile and suggestion of conquering the world with him.

This may never, and most likely wont, pan out to be anything but it does get me thinking.  If I can get one completely stranger, whom I am trying to sell something to mind you, believe in me within a 30 min time span, think about with I can do with the next 70 years of my life.

It is crazy thinking about what I could do if I put that "face" on everyday.  Will it become less of a face a more of who I am.  That has got to be the answer.  It is that time of year; Halloween, where we all put masks on to be someone/something else.  It time for me to dress up and to never take the costumer off or we can also think of it as taking the old one off and putting one a new one.

Okay.  I off gotten off on a metaphorical tangent now and do not want to bore you any longer.  For real though, failure will always be there and fearing it may be alright but I can not let it hold me back anymore.

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