Sunday, March 15, 2009

Longest Long Run

I ran 14 miles today and I feel pretty good.  I did the end a little slower then the start because I like running with some one when we are with the group.  We ran out 7 miles and back at Bonnie park in Strongsville.  The weather was almost perfect and can not wait for this week cause it is only getting better. I have some pictures from my Half Last week in Youngstown.  I realize I do not take the best pictures when tired, wet and apparently cold. LOL But here is proof I ran my first and fastest half.    Add Image

Here is me running into the finish line.  The only decent pic of me. LOL

I was trying to "hamm" it up for the cam but he caught me mid thumbs up and eyes closed
These two are who I drove out with part of the TNT team.  You see me in the background.  We went directly to the car to get our dry clothes!

And Finally a group photo of everyone from our TNT team that came out for this crazy run.

That is all for now, sorry that I suck at formatting hopefully this post looks ok. Everyone in Cleveland enjoy the weather this week!

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