Monday, March 30, 2009

Should I feel like crap?

So it has been awhile. I have been lazy during the week and getting in the bar min of running. Then some long runs on the weekend. This past Saturday I ran the longest distance I have ever run; 16 miles. Our group run was on Sunday but because I was doing some celebrating of a friends bday Sat night I wanted to get it in Sat morning. I found one other person (Kim) who was doing some celebrating of her own too and we ran it together. Kim came early and set up some water stops which were perfectly placed and well needed. I had stayed out a little late the night before and stayed at a friends place so did not bring all my proper gear; GU, Glide, compression shorts and at first I thought I did not bring enough layers. But it turned out be a beautiful morning to run other then a little too much sun. We started at Station Road at the towpath and ran north pretty much all the way to my house or Rockside road at least (6 miles) then back (6 miles). At our 12ish mile water stop I could feel my legs did nit really want to run any more but could not stop there, only had a little under 2 miles out and back to the cars. What is 4 mor mile when you just ran 12 right? We finished and called our TNT coach over joyed we got it done a day earlier and what turned out to be a much better weather day.

I really do not think I would have been able to get through it without Kim there. We chatted a lot which was great and made the time go by quicker. But our biggest question was toward the end; Should I feel like crap after every long run? After running 16 miles I felt very accomplished but also like I could never run it again! My legs hurt, my fee hurt, my arms are sore and my lower back aches. Mind you most of this hurt goes away within a day if not two and I did throw a pair a heels on that night that didn't help with recovery. But does this ever go a way? I am asking you more experienced runner I guess who run 16 miles on a semi regular basis. Do you still feel like crap after a long run?

Tomorrow going on a third date with a guy which is rare for me. He is nice and we are going to a Cavs game!! So excited but don't want to jinx it so I will leave it at that. Night all. Happy running! Oh and the countdown is 47 days til the Cleveland Marathon! Wowzer that is a small number.

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maria k said...

congrats on your 16 miles! i always feel a little off after long runs - a nap helps a lot for me! for me, i think its because i run alone so on long runs, i get really stuck in my own head and have a hard time talking to other people. that sounds weird, but its true.
good luck on your third date. a cavs game is going to be a good date, for sure!