Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mille Creek Half Marathon

My first ever half marathon race was this past Sunday. This was also the longest distance I have ever ran at once. Which means I PRed!! hehehe We set out very early in the morning after a time change which means I only got 4 hours of sleep. It was very foggy when we all met at Penera which was sadly not open yet. The weather did not seem like it was going to break for us and the ongoing the joke of the day was to look out the window and say "it's still raining." We got there sooner then we thought and hung out at McDonald's where I decided to indulge in a breakfast wrap which I thought I would end up paying for later but it was actually OK. The race started at 8:45 and like the sky promised it was pouring still. It continued raining for the first 3 miles and once it stopped it did not matter because it felt like I had jumped into a pool. Thank goodness it wasn't cold. The course was pretty much a big clover where you saw the same hills 3 times. And when I say hills I mean it. The entire race was nothing but hill constant up and down. Here is the course map and elevation

In the end I was impressed with how well I did. I finished in 2:15:08 which put me at 273rd place out of 337 which only 108 where female. We were indecisive on whether or not the rain helped or hindered us. We just wanted to be dry by the end but I was complimented on how well I kicked it in at the end of the race and that was mostly cause it was just a little hill. I was sooo happy to be done running because those hills were killer. I am hooked now though and want to run another one next weekend. Only 67 days til Cleveland Marathon!

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maria k said...

congrats! your first 13.1 is always an accomplishment, but with all that rain and hills, too? thats intense.
keep it up, and we will kick cleveland's butt on may 17!